The Breaths Beginning

What comes first… Inhalation or Exhalation?

And more to the point, why does it matter? 

Well it does matter and for very good reason… it’s called memory!

As is readily accepted, as the body ages it loses elasticity!  Elasticity of both muscle and fibre.  As it is also accepted based on numerous studies of man, we lose lung capacity somewhere in the vicinity of 10% every decade over the age of 30.  This is of consequence to the aspiring mind because being conscious of where the beginning is, gives us great insight that can help us traverse an easy path to our destination.

And what is the destination?  Well more life of course!

Ask yourself… If it is so easy to remember to breathe, why then do we forget to breathe? 

The breath’s relationship with water

There’s one thing that any human who cares for the elderly will testify to.  That getting an elderly human to drink water regularly is more than just a simple challenge.  If you queried yourself, how good do you believe you are at remembering to regularly drink clean fresh water?

Again the answer is very apparent! 

Without a doubt, in today’s modern modern world, dehydration is the number one cause of illness.  It’s little wonder as the body is made of water.  For it is water that transports oxygen to the furthest extremities of the body to the very cell itself.  Hence it makes sense that if the body is deficient in its requirements for water, so too are the body’s requirements for oxygen going to be affected. 

Yet this is a universal occurrence. 

Even the tree is bound by the same process of wilting as it’s leaves dry out.  As the leaf dries out, so too does the process of breathing in carbonic acid and BREATHING OUT OXYGEN diminish.  So it would appear within our physical realm, the less water we have to hydrate at the cellular level, the less oxygen the body can access to oxygenate at the cellular level.

As our body is bound by the same universal laws as nature, it makes swimming against the flow so to speak a “necessity” if one wishes to move beyond the “Law of Less”.  And this is why primarily focusing on the exhalation is helpful.

Practice what YOU’RE NOT GOOD at!

As the majority of humans living on this planet are already good and well practiced at NOT breathing in (again as decreed by universal process), by focusing on the opposite or what is the beginning (the exhalation), renewed vigour can be applied within the brains circuitry. 

The reason being because once you’ve breathed out, you’ll breathe in.  And once you start breathing in you’ll register how thirsty you are and drink more water.

It sounds out there, but it works.  Focus on what is the beginning and the end, and everything in between becomes visible.  Let me know how you go 🙂




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