Could Sunglasses Be Limiting Your Health

I am seeing more and more people wearing sunglasses when they are outside exercising, and to say this has sparked a level of concern within me is to say the least.  You see, unknown to many, sunglasses may and can have a diminishing effect upon your quality of breath and ultimately your intake of oxygen.  This is of greater issue when increased levels of oxygen are required by the body, such as when you’re exercising.

How does wearing Sunglasses affect our lung performance?

Well this may sound like wild speculation to many, but i believe that the wearing of sunglasses limits our ability to breathe freely and deeply.  As sunglasses shield our eyes, the effect is a “broken connection” between us and the living organic world, with the result being we take shallower breaths.  How does impact our health?  We get less life-giving Oxygen and less Carbon Dioxide release (needed to reduce the acid load in the body).

What is also interesting to note, is the optic nerve is the only nerve visible from external world without the use of surgery.  This may well explain the noticeable differences in the “quality & quantity” of breath when looking at and immersing oneself in nature without the use of sunglasses, as the optic nerve is not obscured by the use of “external filtration” from natures vibratory emanations.

Watch the following video to test the theory for yourself.


I would encourage all who are aware of this, if it proves true to you, that the next time you’re outside, particularly with the sole intention to exercise your physical body, choose to wear a lightweight cap with a visor to protect your face and eyes from direct sunlight rather than sunglasses, and allow yourself to connect with the natural world around you.

Tips on how to decrease your dependence on using Sunglasses

When i first became aware that wearing sunglasses was having a negative impact on my ability to fill my lungs up with air, i started to find ways to remove this habit of wearing sunglasses out of my life and to this day i’ve never looked back.  The simple measures i started with to re-acclimatise my eyes to not wearing sunglasses were but not limited to…

  • Looking at my fluid intake throughout the day to help maintain body hydration (the lungs are primarily made up of blood and blood is primarily made up of water).
  • Eating more RAW fruit and vegetables (hydration and mineralisation).
  • Building my magnesium levels up by using a colloidal Magnesium supplement (both internally and externally) and/or by focusing on foods that are high in Magnesium content (like Green leafy vegetables).
  • Regularly bathe your body in magnesium sulphate baths (what is commonly called Epsom salts).
  • Swimming in the ocean with eyes open when under water (salt water to cleanse).
  • Gazing at the sun at dawn, also known as Sun Gazing – Be Careful not to damage your eyes and do your research before trying this yourself.
  • Standing in the garden bare-footed and not wearing sunglasses whilst focusing on filling my lungs.

These steps and a few more have removed my “dependence” on wearing sunglasses even in the middle of summer when the light is at it’s brightest for over twenty years now, and i’ve never looked back 🙂




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