Regeneration Lung Function Mobility

Mobility issues are not just limited to the physical body. 

With the leading illness experienced by humanity at this time being mental illness, the concept of healing, let alone regeneration may seem like a daunting concept.  Be the causes environmental toxicity, undernourishment, dehydration, EMF’s, or simply stress, mental illness is having a huge impact upon all involved.  From the man or woman experiencing the illness to the man or woman supporting and caring for the one impacted.  Mental illness impacts us all!

Physical mobility issues are also increasing at a rate of knots in humanity.  Quite possibly the cause of this is the same as above but with financial support for these issues also being removed, the only answer is to not go there.  If you are already there, know there is a way for you to regenerate and heal, and it all starts with your breath, or more to the point rhythmic breathing!

A More Vital You

Recently uploaded into the TriBreath member area are 5 new video’s teaching you how to use the TriBreath breathing rhythm’s to energetically stimulate and vitalise your body via your nervous system.  The techniques are simple and the results are amazing.  Everything you require you already have.  Increasing and repairing neural pathways is what the body is designed to do and given the right action and intention, your body does it very well.

Using the three TriBreath breathing rhythm’s and the Science of the Triangles is the surest way to maintaining and building upon your mobility both physically and mentally.  It’s not rocket science to know that when your body feels good and you’re mentally strong, you’re emotionally stable.  And when the three meet in harmony, you are a force.

Below is a video to give you an idea of how you can create this neural heath that builds upon internal fitness.  Using your IN breath to generate and transmit your light and your OUT breath to receive it, the more you invest in yourself the quicker the wheel of disintegration slows down as the wheel of regeneration gains traction.





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P.S.  These techniques are not just limited to people who enjoy walking or running. These techniques will enhance every human being on the planet who is on the path of improvement. Techniques like these will enhance your performance in sport, the practice of yoga’s, the repair of injuries, the healing of illness, with the potential for better living being unlimited.