Frequently Asked Questions

Is access to the TriBreath member teaching portal really free?

Yes!  As of the 8 June 2018, the TriBreath material as delivered by TriBreath Developer/Founder Brett Hayes within the member teaching portal is FREE!

Why is it free?

Not everybody has access to a credit card or debit card.  That’s one of the biggest reasons!  This was made very apparent after delivering TriBreath workshops at local schools.  From the creation of special coupons that still required a credit/debit card and the “permission” from each card holder so their card can be used brought with it more stress than joy and limited the willingness to provide the service.  Hence on the day of Brett Hayes’ 52nd birthday whilst practicing Peacework in the sun, Brett put the question out there, “How can i fix this?”  Within an instant an answer was received… “Give the world TriBreath!”  It felt good and so it is!

Is it free for everyone?

If you have a valid email address and available internet, access to the TriBreath member teaching portal is available FREE to all.  The founder, Brett Hayes, believes completely and without reservation that all actions and movements as depicted by TriBreath Pty Ltd will cause no harm and are safe for all men, women, persons, entities and parties who by their own free will choose to use the movements and actions as depicted by TriBreath Pty Ltd.

Can I donate and or contribute finacially?

At this moment in time, the donate/contribute page has yet to be created.  As soon as the necessary structure has been put in place, yes donations/contributions will be warmly received.

Is there a program for teacher/trainers to participate in?

Yes!  There are people teaching TriBreath in various parts of the world right now.  There’s not many but time will soon provide greater opportunity with the TriBreath member teaching portal now open to all.  For more information with regard to the teacher/trainer program, please contact us for more details.