Why contribute?

As you may have noticed, the knowledge gained over thirty years of studying human movement by myself, a man named Brett Hayes is free.  It’s crazy!  i know it’s crazy!  So many people have told me they think i’m crazy!  But what can you do when your goal is to contribute and share knowledge that does wonders for body regeneration and maintenance on a grand scale. 

You do the best you can and teach!  You share!  You offer!  You give!  Once you know, you know there’s not a human on the planet that cannot benefit in some way by familiarising themselves with the TriBreath techniques. 

These techniques aren’t just for runners and walkers.  Anyone who wishes to improve the way they move can dramatically enhance their practice in ways that is too vast to comprehend, simply because the potential is unlimited!  For i believe it to be true that the mind knows no limitation!

These techniques have given me so much.  From sanity, to body awareness to the resurrection of my body movement.  These techniques were instrumental in keeping me off the surgeon’s table after breaking my back.  Ouch!  That hurt and hurt for a long time!  Practicing “tuning my body up to my breath” helped return “me” to the drivers seat of my body (as opposed to being in the back seat and vunerable) and replenished my pool of positivity!  It’s true it took over a decade but i was so seriously screwed it was rediculous!

So after years of teaching the TriBreath techniques to people from all walks of life, it became very apparent to me that having a user pay membership site isn’t the highest way possible of me being of service. 

Letting it go

This was very well shown when i was asked to share the TriBreath techniques within a school environment.  They loved it… teachers and students!  Where can we learn more the kids would ask?  Oh, you have to become a member and that requires you giving me money and by the way you need a card.  As most of us know, young humans don’t have credit/debit cards.  Then they have to ask the parents and explain themselves.  Blockage after blockage after blockage!

It was then that i said, “let it go Brett… it’s not yours anyway!”

i’m blessed with a lot of energy for TriBreath.  My life goal is having these ancient techniques of vitality returned for ALL to access across the globe.  As you can imagine, this entails providing a platform for teacher/trainers to pass these techniques onto others in parks and gyms across the world.  Then there’s the translating of the TriBreath material into other languages that don’t speak English.  Then there’s the web costs, the email costs etc., etc., etc..

So if you choose to help, please know your investment will not be squandered on items and activities that are not TriBreath oriented.  You have my word on that!  Wishing you all the best.

Brett Hayes


Brett Hayes